The three core brands under PONEY Group are: PONEY, BABY PONEY, and PONEY ENFANTS.

Our brands are advocated by the superior quality of our products and services, which resulted in gaining love and support from our customers and business partners.

The insistence of choosing the best fabrics, the passion for innovative design, and the commitment to pursue first-class quality are the fundamentals of PONEY’s business philosophy. True to the character of these brands, we will continue to seek innovative and creative ideas for our four seasons’ collection.





BABY PONEY and PONEY present seasonal collections, in which the designs are geared towards comfort, unique colours line, and simplicity. The apparels are produced using natural fabrics of the highest quality, and are manifested in classic cuts and superior craftsmanship. With such product excellency, every child will look stylish and turn heads with our designs.

BABY PONEY caters to newborn to 24 months old babies, while PONEY caters to toddlers and kids aged 2 years old up to 12 years old.

BABY PONEY and PONEY are: Contemporary, Ultimate Comfort, Simplicity, and Classic.

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PONEY ENFANTS is French inspired baby and childrenwear for young fashionista.

It is a premium and most sought-after brand, in which all the apparels are specially designed by a team of European designers based in Spain. Every design and accessories are produced with superior standard and value by our Artisans; from choosing the most excellent fabrication quality to adopting the best sewing technology.

PONEY ENFANTS consists of timeless and collectable collections for the affluent, who appreciate and cherish the superiority of luxury and fine goods for their little loved ones.

PONEY ENFANTS is simply unique.

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